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Jaguars free agent targets: With Randall Cobb gone, is Jeremy Maclin next?

Is Jeremy Maclin going to be Plan B for the Jaguars at wide receiver in free agency?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

A collected ARGGHHHHHH was let out on Twitter by multiple fan bases on Saturday evening when it was reported that Randall Cobb was re-signing with the Green Bay Packers to the tune of a four-year deal worth $40 million and $17 million guaranteed. It seemed cheap-ish for Cobb, but you also have to consider that he gets to continue playing with Aaron Rodgers in a wide-open offense and will once again hit free agency at 28, leading to another likely pay day.

So the question becomes, what is Plan B for the Jaguars at the position?

One option could be Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. Maclin reportedly had an offer in hand from the Jaguars last offseason, but ultimately decided to return to the Eagles on a one-year deal and prove he was healthy, which he undoubtedly did with 85 receptions for 1,300 yards an 10 touchdowns, the best season of his career.

Maclin, 26, will likely get a lot of play in free agency and land a deal near the ball park of what Cobb got. Maclin was on the rise in the NFL with the Eagles, but an ACL tear made him miss the entire 2013 season and there were questions if he'd ever reach the level he appeared trending towards.

He certainly did last season and could cash in.

UPDATE: Jeremy Maclin was rumored to be staying with the Eagles, but ESPN's Chris Motensen is reporting he's back on the open market.