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Greg Hardy free agency rumors: Jaguars in the running?

Are the Jaguars going to be one of the teams after Greg Hardy in free agency?

The Jacksonville Jaguars could be one of five teams in the running for free agent defensive end Greg Hardy, according to a report by Jason Cole of Bleacher Report. Hardy was on the NFL's exemption list for much of the 2014 season dealing with an off the field issue, where he was found guilty of assault, but the case was later dropped in an automatic appeal when Hardy and the victim reached what was believed to be a civil agreement.

Hardy still hasn't been "reinstated" so to speak, but according to Cole the expectation is that he will be made available once free agency starts and the Jaguars are expected to be one of the teams after him.

Just purely speaking on the field, Hardy is a fantastic football player and could be a guy who moves all over the line of scrimmage for the Jaguars, playing the LEO, kicking inside and even the big end on some downs. It's a tight line to walk for the Jaguars given Hardy's off the field issues and past, but if the team believes that's behind him, on the field he's still one of the better defensive lineman in the league.

Personally, I wouldn't be a huge fan of the signing because of the off the field issues, but so it goes.