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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Frank Scelfo returns with new role

The most versatile coach on the Jaguars staff is finding new ways to contribute with the team and more news for your Monday morning.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Jaguars Insider: Scelfo returns with new role -
When Jaguars senior offensive assistant Frank Scelfo describes his role as "fluid" with the team, he isn't kidding. readers pick Dante Fowler in latest mock draft -
In a sense, that’s not surprising, because Day Three of the 2015 reader mock draft was the day the reader/mockers made the No. 3 overall selection. That’s the Jaguars’ selection. That always means a more spirited level of debate than usual.

Jaguars film room: Sergio Brown -
Targeting free safety in free agency was an expected constituent of the Jaguars’ offseason undertaking. Acquiring Sergio Brown, an unproven and underutilized five-year veteran defensive back, was less expected.

Jaguars would be crazy to go after Adrian Peterson -
There’s a reason why Peter King called the Jaguars an "upset special" and that’s because it wouldn’t make much sense for the Jags to acquire Peterson. Sure, they have the cap space but I’m not sure that they would be cool with taking on $12.75 million, $14.75 million, and $16.75 million in salary in each of the next three seasons. Peterson is a monster, but he isn’t worth nearly that kind of money.