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Why Paul Posluszny's contract extension makes sense

To some confusion, the Jaguars extended Paul Posluszny's contract, but when you look at what they did it makes a lot of sense.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

As the resident flag bearer of the Paul Posluszny "hate club", many on Twitter seemed to be surprised at my lack of reaction to the news that the Jacksonville Jaguars had extended Poz's contract. Poz had talked about this as a possibility after the season and I knew the team wasn't planning on releasing him this season, so what they did actually made perfect sense.

For the 2015 season Posluszny was scheduled to be a $9.5 million cap hit for the Jaguars, which given where he's at in his career currently, is way too much. That has always been my biggest gripe against Poz is that he's not a true 3-down linebacker and given his salary, he was ridiculously overpaid. The team could have released Posluszny this offseason and saved $7.5M on the cap, but they weren't hurting for savings so the best option was to restructure his deal.

Poz had two years left on his old six-year, $45 million deal he signed back in 2011 with a total of $17 million in cap hits for the next two seasons ($9.5+$7.5=$17). It's been reported that Poz's new deal with the Jaguars is for a total of 3-years at $15 million with potential to increase to $18 million with play time escalators.

The actual numbers breakdown of the deal hasn't been released yet, but my guess is the Jaguars made Poz's salary for the 2015 season lower, but guaranteed in the form of a roster bonus or something along those lines, with little to no guaranteed money for 2016 and 2017. What this does is gives you relatively the same overall cap hit you would have had already, but you squeeze the potential of another year out of the deal while also reducing the cap figure he's playing at currently.

It gives you a bit of security with a known commodity if the team can't find an ILB of the future in the 2015 draft, which seems unlikely if you're not planning to pick a linebacker as high as the second round, because overall the linebacker class is pretty poor.

I still think Poz is past his prime and a limited player, but he's more tolerable at the lowered cap figure and he's someone the coaches feel they can trust on the field, which is always worth more than fans think it to be. I still think this is probably the last season for Poz in a Jaguars uniform, but the team has set themselves up to where if it's not, it's not the outrageous figure it was before.