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Marcedes Lewis restructures final year of contract

The veteran Jaguars tight end has restructured the final year on his contract with the team, meaning he's putting himself in a good position to stay long-term or be traded.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Marcedes Lewis restructured the final year of the veteran tight end's contract, according to's Ryan O' Halloran.

Lewis' cap number for 2015 was $8.2 million, but that number figures to be less when contract figures are revealed. This also isn't an extension, like Paul Posluszny's new deal earlier in the week. This is simply a restructuring of the final year of his contract.

So what could this mean for Lewis' future with the Jaguars? A lot of things.

They could be restructuring the final year of his deal to make him more attractive in a trade during the NFL Draft or in the middle of the season leading up to the trade deadline. (Think Eugene Monroe in 2013.)

But, it could also be the first step towards a new long-term deal during or after the 2015 season. Having Lewis and Julius Thomas as your tight end duo for the next 2-3 years, even at the end of Lewis' career, isn't a bad thing.