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Jacksonville Jaguars 2015 NFL schedule: Dates, times, strength of schedule, and more

The NFL has finally released the full 2015 schedule and we now know when the Jaguars will be playing all of their opponents this season.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The NFL has finally released the official schedule for the 2015 NFL season. The preseason schedule was officially released on Monday, but we now know who the Jacksonville Jaguars will play this season, as well as when they will play them.

As far as the season opener, we're looking at a Sunday, September 13th kickoff at home against the Carolina Panthers!

We already knew that the Jaguars would be playing the Buffalo Bills in London on Oct. 25th, with their bye week the following week, but all the games leading up to it have also now been revealed. The NFL schedule is formulaic, so even before the order of the games the opponents are known. The Jaguars will play both the NFC South and the AFC East this year, so there should be some nice local games.

With those matchups, the Jaguars currently have the 26th ranked strength of schedule with opponents having a 2014 record of 118-137-1 (.463), which should mean the Jaguars can push for a lot more than just three wins.

Below is the Jaguars full schedule:

Date/Time Opponent
8/14/15 - 7:30 pm (Preseason) Pittsburgh Steelers
8/22/15 - 7:30 pm (Preseason) @ New York Giants
8/28/15 - 8:00 pm (Preseason) Detroit Lions
9/3/15 - 7:30 pm (Preseason) @ Washington
9/13/15 - 1:00 pm Carolina Panthers
9/20/15 - 4:05 pm Miami Dolphins
9/27/15 - 1:00 pm @ New England Patriots
10/4/15 - 1:00 pm @ Indianapolis Colts
10/11/15 - 1:00 pm @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10/18/15 - 1:00 pm Houston Texans
10/25/15 - 9:30 am Buffalo Bills (London)
11/1/15 BYE
11/8/15 - 1:00 pm @ New York Jets
11/15/15 - 1:00 pm @ Baltimore Ravens
11/19/15 - 8:25 pm Tennessee Titans (TNF)
11/29/15 - 1:00 pm San Diego Chargers
12/6/15 - 1:00 pm @Tennessee Titans
12/13/15 - 1:00 pm Indianapolis Colts
12/20/15 - 1:00 pm Atlanta Falcons
12/27/15 - 1:00 pm @ New Orleans Saints
1/3/16 - 1:00 pm @ Houston Texans

So what do you think of the schedule? Good? Bad? Easy? Hard?

Let us know in the comments.