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Jaguars draft rumors: Bud Dupree a surprise fit at No. 3 overall?

There have been an array of options for the Jaguars at the No. 3 overall pick, but could there be a surprise one like last year?

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Most of the mock drafts surrounding the 2015 NFL Draft and the Jacksonville Jaguars have revolved around Leonard Williams, Vic Beasley and Dante Fowler. All of those picks make sense for the Jaguars, but there are also some out of the box type options that could come up and according to one report, one of those types of players could be viewed as a top 10 pick more by NFL teams than analysts.

Kentucky's Bud Dupree seems to be that freak athlete that a lot of NFL teams will covet a lot more than the experts.

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Dupree stood out in Indy by posting a 4.56 40 at 6-foot-4 and 269 pounds, but really, his work through the offseason gauntlet has been outstanding end-to-end. And that includes the interviews, during which clubs found this freak athlete to be a great kid. Because of his athleticism, makeup and on-field motor, teams feel like they can work with him, even if he's a little raw. So he's now in play in the top 10.

Dupree is an interesting player in that he's still a big raw as a pass rusher and was asked to do a lot more than just rush the passer in Kentucky's scheme, but he's got the size and athleticism that can make a coach drool. Hank Jones looked at him as a LEO fit for the Jaguars and Dupree's raw ability can make him an interesting prospect for a lot of NFL teams.

As Jones noted, Dupree right now is a moldable piece of clay with a lot of assets and he could be a perfect fit as a player who has a limited role early on as a rookie, while defensive line coach Todd Wash molds him into the type of player they want from the LEO position.

A lot of people like to reference general manager Dave Caldwell surprising everyone by picking Blake Bortles last year, and Bud Dupree seems like that kind of out of nowhere pick that could be a scheme fit at No. 3 overall.