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NFL win totals 2015: Early over/under for Jaguars arrive

Sportsbooks are getting a little bit closer to 2015 NFL action. The first win totals have been posted.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL regular season is a little less than five months away, but that hasn't stopped the oddsmakers from putting the Jacksonville Jaguars as 4-point underdogs in their season opener against the Carolina Panthers, or from guessing how many wins they'll get in 2015.

While much will change in the next seven months, that should not stop you from getting in on the 2015 win total action! The folks at CG Technology (formerly Cantor Gaming) released some early win totals back in February. They have the Jaguars installed at 5.5 wins, which could jump to 6.0 wins before the season starts when the incoming free agency class is counted, as well as their 2015 NFL Draft class.

The rest of the AFC South is fairly predictable. The Indianapolis Colts lead the pack at 9.5 wins, the Houston Texans barely trail at 8.5 wins, and the Tennessee Titans are second-to-last with 5.0 wins.

Here is a full rundown of CG Technology's early look at win totals:

New England: 11
Seattle: 11
Green Bay: 10.5
Denver: 10
Dallas: 9.5
Indianapolis: 9.5
Baltimore: 9
New Orleans: 9
Philadelphia: 9
Atlanta: 8.5
Buffalo: 8.5
Carolina: 8.5
Cincinnati: 8.5
Detroit: 8.5
Houston: 8.5
Kansas City: 8.5
Pittsburgh: 8.5
San Diego: 8.5
San Francisco: 8.5
Arizona: 8
Miami: 8
N.Y. Giants: 8
St. Louis: 7.5
Chicago: 7
Minnesota: 6.5
N.Y. Jets: 6.5
Cleveland: 6
Washington: 6
Jacksonville: 5.5
Tampa Bay: 5
Tennessee: 5
Oakland: 4.5