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Where have you gone, Tony Boselli?

Jaguars fans, do you ever feel like your team is the worst at drafting? Don't worry, you only feel that way because it's true.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Where have you gone, Tony Boselli?

Duval turns it's lonely eyes to you.

What's that you say, Mrs. Robinson?

Big Bo' has left and gone away,

Hey, hey, hey,

Hey, hey, hey...

There was a day, long ago, when the first round of the draft was a happy place for Jaguars fans. Between 1995 and 2002, Tom Coughlin selected 10 players in the first round of the NFL draft over the 8 years he was in charge of Jaguars personnel. Two of those players, Tony Boselli and Fred Taylor, are in The Pride of the Jaguars and have earned discussion of Hall of Fame consideration.

Three other Coughlin first-rounders made the Pro Bowl at least once in their career - Kevin Hardy, Marcus Stroud, and John Henderson. Five of Coughlin's ten first-round picks made it in all.

year 1st round selection Pro Bowls
1995 Tony Boselli 5
1995 James Stewart 0
1996 Kevin Hardy 1
1997 Renaldo Wynn 0
1998 Fred Taylor 1
1998 Donovin Darius 0
1999 Fernando Bryant 0
2000 R Jay Soward 0
2001 Marcus Stroud 3
2002 John Henderson 2

Making the Pro Bowl is really what we expect of first-rounders, isn't it?  At least one Pro Bowl. We live in a world where David Garrard played in a Pro Bowl, so...

How have the Jaguars first-rounders fared since Coughlin's departure? Straight trash tbh.

Trash Cans

The Jaguars have drafted 12 players 2003 - 2014 and one has made a Pro Bowl - Marcedes Lewis.

One out of twelve.

year player Pro Bowls
2003 Byron Leftwich 0
2004 Reggie Williams 0
2005 Matt Jones 0
2006 Marcedes Lewis 1
2007 Reggie Nelson 0
2008 Derrick Harvey 0
2009 Eugene Monroe 0
2010 Tyson Alualu 0
2011 Blaine Gabbert 0
2012 Justin Blackmon 0
2013 Luke Joeckel 0
2014 Blake Bortles 0

I spent a few minutes feeling like this must be the worst percentage in the NFL over the last twelve years. After several minutes of exhausting research I discovered that ... yes, it is.

One Pro Bowler out of twelve picks is definitely the bottom of the barrel in the NFL. The NFL average during this period is over 4 Pro Bowlers. Philadelphia (Shawn Andrews) and Oakland (Nnamdi Asomugha) also drafted only one Pro Bowler each during this period but both of their picks made multiple Pro Bowls and earned All-Pro honors.


1st round

Pro Bowlers

2003 - 2014

Arizona 4
Atlanta 4
Baltimore 4
Buffalo 5
Carolina 5
Chicago 3
Cincinnati 4
Cleveland 5
Dallas 8
Denver 4
Detroit 4
Green Bay 3
Houston 6
Indianapolis 3
Jacksonville 1
Kansas City 6
Miami 4
Minnesota 6
New England 5
New Orleans 3
Mew York Giants 3
New York Jets 5
Oakland 1
Philadelphia 1
Pittsburgh 5
San Diego 4
San Francisco 7
Seattle 3
St. Louis 3
Tampa Bay 4
Tennessee 3


What does all of this mean for this year? Not much.

It's not like the Jaguars haven't been trying to make bad selections. You would think that even with the luck of Vito Stellino the Jaguars would have had more success.

GM Dave Caldwell has acknowledged that the Jaguars need to find difference makers in this draft.

Is Vic Beasley a guy that could make a Pro Bowl? Dante Fowler? Leonard Williams? Amari Cooper?

Can we still hold out hope that Luke Joeckel or Blake Bortles could eventually be considered at the top of their positions in the AFC?

Will Dave Caldwell get the pick right on Thursday night or will he pick another in a long list of turkeys?