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ESPN poll ranks Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys as worst in the NFL

ESPN's Uni Watch thinks the Jaguars have the worst jerseys in the NFL... and, honestly, it's hard to disagree.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Uni Watch recently ranked all 32 NFL jerseys, and whether you agree with it or not they think the Jacksonville Jaguars have the worst jerseys in the league.

Here's what Uni Watch had to say about the new "superhero" jerseys (as they call them) and the Achilles heel of the whole ensemble -- the helmets:

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (last year: No. 32)

You know, the superhero jersey isn't bad, and the Jags' color scheme has always been underrated. But there's no getting around it: This is the worst helmet in NFL history, and everything else in this uniform set is subordinate to that. Woof!

"But they're better than the Buccaneers and Browns!" Sure, okay. I might not put them in last place either, but the uniforms aren't that good and the helmets are the worst in the NFL. Sure, you can argue they should be a few places higher, but then you're fighting for what? 28th place?

The top four teams on the list include the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, and Chicago Bears. And while each of these teams has tweaked their jerseys over the years, they're largely the same since the modern NFL era began.

See the full list from ESPN's Uni Watch here.