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2015 NFL Draft: Grade the entire Jaguars class

The 2015 NFL Draft is over and done with and the Jaguars significantly improved both sides of the ball at several positions of need. What grade would you give the class as a whole?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars walked away with eight new players at the end of the 2015 NFL Draft, spending a majority of their picks on offense, but making their first pick Florida Gators pass rusher Dante Fowler.

Here are all the selections:

Round 1 - Pick 3, 3rd overall: Florida LEO Dante Fowler
Round 2 - Pick 4, 36th overall: Alabama RB T.J. Yeldon
Round 3 - Pick 3, 67th overall: South Carolina OL A.J. Cann
Round 4 - Pick 4, 104th overall (from New York Jets): Louisville S James Sample
Round 5 - Pick 3, 139th overall: Florida State WR Rashad Greene
Round 6 - Pick 4, 180th overall: Ohio State DT Michael Bennett
Round 7 - Pick 3, 220nd overall: Monmouth WR Neal Sterling
Round 7 - Pick 12, 229nd overall (from New York Jets): Notre Dame TE Ben Koyack

Alfie Crow: A+

The Jaguars had what could possibly be one of the best drafts in franchise history if things pan out, in my opinion. While I liked some other pass rushers other than Fowler, the pick makes perfect sense and he should be someone who gets in the rotation on the field early and often. Yeldon is a great fit in the Jaguars offense and already excels at pass protection while A.J. Cann was a steal in the third round and could end up a Day 1 starter. Sample is an interesting pick and Greene was a great value grab in the fifth round, I had heard they were considering him in the fourth. Michael Bennett, if he's the player I think, is an absolute steal in the sixth round and the seventh round picks are intriguing upside players at a position that's going to have a big changing of the guard soon.

Favorite pick: Ohio State DT Michael Bennett

Adam Stites: B+

I don't feel like I have to sell this draft class or explain why I gave a grade as high as an B+. Actually, the reviews are so positive nationally that I feel like I should explain why I'm seemingly the only one anywhere without an A- or higher for the Jaguars. Drafts are defined by the top of the class and the success of the 2015 draft class will depend entirely on the play of Dante Fowler. So for as much as I loved the third day, it's not enough to drag an underwhelming start to the draft for me any higher than a B+. It's not that I don't like Fowler, it's that I'm personally not sold on him as the top pass rusher in the class and left me saying "meh, could be worse." As for the second day, I made an appeal for a swing for the fences, and T.J. Yeldon and A.J. Cann represent less than that. At the end of the day though, draft grades are dumb and who cares what I say days after the picks?

Favorite pick: South Carolina G A.J. Cann

Ryan Day: A-

In regards to Dante Fowler, I liked Vic Beasley. But I ultimately trust the decision-making and evaluation process when it comes to defensive playmakers. I've seen people disagree with the Dante Fowler pick, but Gus Bradley and Todd Wash have earned my trust when it comes to making this defense better year after year. The T.J. Yeldon selection is the only one that gave me pause, but with the offensive line the Jaguars will have next year (and the more I read about his fits within this offense) the more likely it is I'll be proven wrong. Everything from Round 3 on looked golden. This team is obviously giving Blake Bortles and the running game everything it needs to be successful. They now have who they believe to be feature running back, a nasty, aggressive offensive line (sans Luke Joeckel), and a full complement of wide receivers. In a draft filled with steals, Michael Bennett was an excellent pick in the sixth round. I am excite.

Favorite pick: Ohio State DT Michael Bennett