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How A.J. Cann fits on the Jacksonville Jaguars

Why does the A.J. Cann pick make sense? Is there any reason it doesn't? (Spoiler: No.)

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

With their final pick of Day 2 of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected South Carolina Guard A.J. Cann, a player many expected to be off the board by the time Jacksonville was up to pick. Cann is also the best athletic tester out of Jacksonville's entire draft class, according to Zach Whitman (@zjwhitman) at, which I highly recommend checking out.

Why A.J. Cann Makes Sense

To put it simply, he is just amazing value for where he was selected. This is a player that should have been selected a whole round earlier.

Cann has experience in multiple offenses at South Carolina (more than 50 starts) and is one of the more balanced guards in the entire class. He has the ability to play in both gap-blocking and zone-blocking schemes, and is equally impressive a pass blocker as he a run blocker.

Worst case scenario, he provides competition along the IOL and can provide depth if he doesn't win a starting position. He projects to left guard, but Dave Caldwell has also said he could see snaps at center in the future. Best-case scenario? He beats out Zane Beadles in camp and provides an instant upgrade to what was one of Jacksonville's weaker spots last year. I see the scenario at center as very plausible.

An offensive line of Joeckel-Cann-Wisniewski-Linder-Parnell has a sky-high ceiling, and could take the run game to a whole new level.

Why A.J. Cann Doesn't Make Sense

Uhhhhhhhhhh, I don't think there is any argument here.

The only thing you could maybe claim is that Jacksonville used a high pick on a position that wasn't a glaring need, but anytime you can get a high level talent at a third-round value, you should pounce on it.


It is time for #BullyBall.