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NFL Power Rankings: Jaguars draft doesn't move them up much

Even with the praise surrounding the 2015 NFL Draft class, the Jaguars don't rank much higher than you expect in the first set of NFL power rankings.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

With NFL free agency over for the most part and now the 2015 NFL Draft in the books, it's time for something even more worthless than draft grades to crop up: NFL Power Rankings! As worthless as draft grades are two days removed from the selections being made, power rankings are fun to talk about, but overall are meaningless.

Not surprisingly however, the Jaguars aren't ranking very high in preseason power ranking polls, despite having their offseason praised by most and their draft class universally liked.

Here's where they rank in various outlets:

Fox Sports:

32. Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jaguars added several skill position players and offensive linemen throughout the offseason process. They also managed to find Gus Bradley a new toy on defense at No. 3 overall in Dante Fowler. This won't be enough to turn everything around with Blake Bortles at the helm.

NFL Network:

27. Jacksonville Jaguars - Thought Jacksonville nailed it this draft, thus they move up a spot in these here rankings. The Jags hit their needs while getting top-flight talent. Dante Fowler Jr. not only brings the pass rush, but he also makes us all feel better about the awful suits our parents put us in back in 1983. Whether or not T.J. Yeldon was taken too early, here's an early guess that he will run for over 800 yards as a rookie. Fantasy sleeper.


30. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jacksonville signed Julius Thomas this offseason. It has also drafted four wide receivers the past two years, as well as RB T.J. Yeldon. This season will tell us a lot about Blake Bortles.

CBS Sports:

25. Jacksonville Jaguars - They had as good a draft as any team in the league, and there young talent base is outstanding. It's all on Blake Bortles now.