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How Rashad Greene fits on the Jacksonville Jaguars

Why does the Rashad Greene pick make sense? Why doesn't it?

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

With their 5th round selection in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Florida State WR Rashad Greene. Greene projects as a Slot WR and Punt Returner for Jacksonville,  He finished his FSU Career as FSU's all time leader in Receptions and Receiving Yards

Why Rashad Greene Makes Sense

Greene will start off day 1 competing for a punt return role and the #4/5 pass catching option. Outside of Julius Thomas, the Jags lacked a true slot option, due to their preference to groom Marqise Lee as a perimeter WR and the fact that Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson both function better outside than inside.

He provides Jacksonville with a reliable target that knows how to work well with an improvising QB. Last year, both Lee and Hurns were too up and down to be considered reliable targets, so Greene could become a Bortles' favorite in 4 WR sets on 3rd downs.

He does not have the size of Robinson, speed of Lee, or downfield ability of Hurns, but he will likely be Jacksonville's best route runner early on in his career. He provides a reliable underneath target that knows how to get open and move the chains.

Why Rashad Greene Doesn't Make Sense

From a value standpoint, Greene was a terrific pick. But it is a fair argument that the Jaguars are kinda stockpiled at WR right now and it'll be hard for Greene to win snaps.

This isn't completely correct obviously, as Greene will line up in the slot opposed to Jax's other WR's lining up outside, but expecting huge production out of him is a bit much.

But then again, Greene is a 5th round pick. I don't expect him to be more than a #3 WR at his best, but he can still contribute and outplay his draft slot. For a QB like Bortles who likes to move out of the pocket and play out of structure, a WR like Greene is a good fit. Ultimately, I expect him to take Ace Sanders' spot on the roster, and end up #4 in targets among Jax's TEs/WRs.