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What is the Jaguars strongest position group?

With all the additions to the Jaguars roster, which group do you feel is now the Jaguars strength?

John Konstantaras/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars could enter the 2015 NFL Season with nearly 17 different starters than they had in 2013 when Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley took over. Two of the areas that's changed significantly since they took over has been the lines of scrimmage.

The offensive and defensive lines have been completely revamped, most notably the offensive line. The Jaguars will have just two players out of the likely 10 offensive lineman they keep this year that were on the 2013 roster and one of those was their first round pick, Luke Joeckel. The other was Austin Pasztor who was a late 2012 waiver claim who worked his way into a starting job.


This year, three of the Jaguars starters from the 2014 offensive line could be primary backups, which is a good thing. Depth was a big issue the last two years on the offensive line, but I think you could argue that right now it's the deepest unit on the Jaguars roster.

If the line plays up to it's potential talent, the Jaguars offense could see a significant jump in production, simple from the fact that there will actually be running lanes and the quarterback will have more time to throw the football.

What unit do you think is the strongest on the Jaguars roster?