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Gus Bradley: T.J. Yeldon stood out at rookie mini-camp

Of the 54 players invited to Jaguars rookie mini-camp, it was T.J. Yeldon who was Gus Bradley's first response when asked who stood out.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars finished up their two-day rookie mini-camp on Saturday afternoon.

After a first day that saw No. 3 overall pick Dante Fowler go down with an ACL injury, today's practice was relatively injury-free, with several players standing out and most of the draft selections making good strides.

Here are Gus Bradley's post-practice comments in full:

Anyone stand out today?
"Yeah, Yeldon did again. He did a nice job on some of the runs that he had. I thought to come out the second day like this the intensity slows up. The guys did a good job. Neal (Sterling) did a nice job again at receiver, Rashad Greene did a nice job, Sample is a guy I really noticed today as far as picking things up real quick and some of the movement skills that we’re looking for. A.J. (Cann) did a nice job until we see him in pads."

Did some of the new guys at linebacker do anything?
"Yeah there’s a couple. The Williams kid did some nice things at linebacker. Until we get a chance to evaluate the second tape, because sometimes guys don’t show up the first day but then you see them pick up this day and vice versa. We are looking for consistency out of them. We’ve got a few names that we’re looking at to see but we’ll keep that in house."

How is Sample's adjustment at free safety?
"It’s good. The thing I think he anticipates is that maybe at the safety spot when he was first picturing that he was never down in the box. Our free safety does come down in the box so he has to really have the ability to play down and back. It’s very similar in some traits to a strong safety, but he has that range that we’re looking for as well."

How are you doing different things with Sample today? Is it a plan with him or one specific thing?
"As far as coming down and back? Yeah we did have him come down a little bit more today just to see him. Yesterday he was down more on the perimeter and today he was down more in the box, so we tried to get an evaluation of him on all the spots that we’re looking at having him play."

Do the scouts tell you with guys like Thurston Armbrister [undrafted Miami linebacker] how his skillset is?
"Yeah we do. They come to us and say here is his skillset and how he looks. He’s very fast for a linebacker skillset. I think what shocked us a little bit about him was his lateral movement was maybe a little bit better than we thought."

Do you look for safety experience in college with linebackers?
"At certain positions like the Will linebacker spot because it requires a little bit of skill and movement like a Telvin (Smith) so that athleticism does him well."

How are the young receivers doing?
"I really like just seeing our receiver group now and seeing the competitiveness. Allen Robinson hasn’t practiced with them but now you add in these couple of guys it’s really competitive, really competitive. You’re seeing guys raise each other up. It’s going to be tough. There’s some battles going on there but I think the guys that will rise are the ones that it’s about them and how they’re rising. The cream will come to the top."

How is Ace Sanders doing?
"This was the best I’ve seen Ace. Granted, it’s a Phase II workout but just running and things like that. The consistency of every rep is really showing up and it was from the first day. He’s really stacked up some good days. We’ve really took notice of him as a staff."

How much do the new coaches get out of this camp?
"Yeah, that’s a great point. I think for them to understand our tempo, the practice setup from drill to drill, the music and how it fits in and what we’re trying to accomplish. I think it’s been great for them as well."