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Jaguars backfield ranked No. 28 in the NFL compiled their list of who they think the best backfields in the league are and (as expected) the Jaguars are hovering near the bottom.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars don't have a good backfield.

No, let me rephrase that: The Jacksonville Jaguars don't have a proven backfield.

Second-round draft pick T.J. Yeldon was very good and very proven at Alabama, and he's only gotten positive reviews at practice, but... practice.

Offensive weapon Denard Robinson has shown incredible potential, but in flashes. Nothing more than a few games, but granted they were great games.

The jury is still out on Toby Gerhart, who hasn't had an offensive line worth their salt to run behind. We should see a better Gerhart this year, but presumably with Denard Robinson and T.J. Yeldon ahead of him in the depth chart, how many touches will he really see?

Storm Johnson leads a hodgepodge of guys competing for the No. 4 spot, along with speedy rookie Corey Grant and veteran Bernard Pierce.

See what I mean? Not necessarily as bad as they are unproven. And that's why's Marc Sessler ranked the Jaguars backfield as No. 28 in the league.

Fellow contributor Daniel Jeremiah is excited about what the Jaguars are doing, going so far to say that rookie T.J. Yeldon can (and likely will) be a three-down feature back.

"T.J. Yeldon's going to be a big player for the Jaguars," said Jeremiah. "This will let Denard Robinson be the eight-to-twelve touch guy, which I think is going to give him some longevity and let Yeldon do the heavy lifting."

I can't argue with a No. 28 ranking. Jaguars running backs accounted for just 1,180 yards last season. That's less than six individual performances last year and right in line with what Cincinnati Bengals rookie Jeremy Hill rushed for in 2014.

For reference, the Houston Texans were ranked No. 10, the Indianapolis Colts were No. 11, and the Tennessee Titans were No. 31.