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Denard Robinson's best plays from 2014

With second-round rookie T.J. Yeldon drafted to be a feature back, can Shoelace still take a step in 2015?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In his first year as a true HB, Denard Robinson jump-started the Jaguars' running game. Given an opportunity halfway through the 2014 season, D-Rob was able to fabricate a hot streak before landing on IR with a foot injury. Denard certainly looked the part of a starting RB, displaying balance, speed, and an impressive ability to fall forward.

This season, however, Denard's name will most likely sit beneath rookie T.J. Yeldon's on the depth chart. Last night, I documented D-rob's breakout season in a few vines that show why he might still prosper in a reduced role. Enjoy them all at once below!

Denard Robinson surprised a few people last year. There's new blood in the backfield, but I doubt D-Rob is done surprising us.