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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Team still looking for elite pass rusher

The Jaguars have been in search of "the guy" at pass rusher since Tony Brackens retired in 2003, and more team news.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars still searching for elite pass rusher -
The Jacksonville Jaguars have been searching for an elite pass rusher since Tony Brackens retired after the 2003 season. They tried with first-round pick Derrick Harvey in 2008 and second-round pick Andre Branch in 2012. They tried it with free agents Hugh Douglas in 2003, Reggie Hayward in 2005 and Aaron Kampman in 2010. None of them worked out, although there’s still time for Branch to turn things around.

Jaxson DeVille retires after 19 seasons -
After 19 seasons as the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot and best mascot in the NFL, Curtis Dvorak has decided to hang up the furry cleats and retire. It's a sad day in Jaguars history, as the one thing that was consistent about the franchise is no more. He made his first appearance on August 18, 1996 and apparently made his last during the Jaguars home finale on Thursday night against the Tennessee Titans.

What's your favorite Jaxson DeVille memory? -
But today is not a day to grieve. Rejoice! We've been blessed with many a memory because Curtis did his job better than anyone else in the league. Enjoy. (And thanks, Curtis.)

Listen to Jaxson DeVille talk retirement, next steps on 1010XL -
The Jacksonville Jaguars have had one mascot and his name is Jaxson DeVille. But with Jaxson's retirement on Tuesday morning, that's going to change. The franchise will undoubtedly have another mascot. Curtis Dvorak went on 1010XL earlier this morning to talk about his retirement and gave some hints as to what he's doing next.