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Thursday Q&A: Does a punch count as what I'd say?

Welcome to Big Cat Country's inaugural Thursday Q&A column! We're glad you're here.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

With the dead zone of the 2015 NFL season upon us and Jacksonville Jaguars players spending time away from the stadium, we thought this would be a great week to start up a weekly Q&A column.

We've wanted to do one for a while and there's really no excuse with so little going on now.

Every Thursday check back and see if your question made it. And if you want to submit a question for next week, ask here!

Jon-Michael from Duval County, FL

Q: Are there any UDFAs that stand out in this year's team so far? I wonder if the team has found another diamond in the rough like they did with Allen Hurns last year, or will it all just play out with training camp approaching real soon?

A: Through OTAs, UDFA RB Corey Grant has been a pleasant surprise. The former Auburn tailback has impressed local media with his speed during return drills, but he'll still face an uphill battle while trying to sneak onto the roster. Grant, and other UDFAs, will have more to prove when the pads go on during training camp.

Sue from Portland, OR

Q: I plan to come to Jacksonville to watch training camp. What is the schedule?

A: Sorry, Sue. The Jaguars haven't released their training camp schedule yet. Last year, they posted the schedule on July 7th and the dates were July 24-August 12, so look for similar time frames this year.

James from Liberty, KY

Q: Maybe I've missed it but I haven't really seen much about Telvin Smith and if he's put on anymore weight or muscle since he played last year right around 218 pounds. If he has put more weight on, any word on how has he looked so far? Lost any speed?

A: Telvin Smith has put on a few more pounds this offseason, bulking up to the 220-pound range. Gus Bradley has been very publicly optimistic about Smith's ability to keep his weight up this season without losing any of his speed.

Jeffery from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Q: If the season plays out like you expect, what position will be at the top of our 2016 draft board? #AlwaysMockSeason

A: It is wayyyyyyyy too early to talk 2016 draft to an extended degree, but I have done a little bit of leg work on prospects I think will likely be Jaguars targets. Personally, I think (hope) the Jaguars will have a pick between say No. 12-16, and with the way the roster is set up now, inside linebacker is the team's biggest need. Paul Posluszny is at the end of his career as a starter, and the linebackers group needs a serious influx of both youth and talent. A player I’d love to see them land is Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith.

Art from Orlando, FL

Q: If Blaine Gabbert was seated next to you on an airplane, what would you say to him?

A: From the heart.

Scott from Duuuuuuuuuuvaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll, FL

Q: What do you predict our record will be after 5 games? If we start 0-5 will there be pitchforks and torches out?

A: The Jaguars first 5 games look a bit rough. Carolina Panthers at home, then Miami Dolphins at home, then back-to-back to back trips to the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The only one I can say I feel comfortable with a win right now is Tampa Bay, but I could see them sneak one vs Carolina and Miami as well. I’d say 3-2 is the best case scenario, with 2-3 being the most realistic. If they start 0-5, it would likely be the start of the end. This season can not start like the last two have.

Eric from Girguten, Norway

Q: What do expect out of Storm Johnson next season?

A: Unless any of the top three running backs (T.J. Yeldon, Denard Robinson, and Toby Gerhart) get injured, I’d expect for Storm Johnson and I to post very similar stat lines next season.

Frankie from Bristol, CT

Q: I'm soon headed back to Jacksonville, but I've been gone 10 years! Where can I get good BBQ and a cold beer? All my old places are probably gone. Need a good place to watch away games, too.

A: First, welcome back! Second, make sure you've joined the Bold City Brigade and that you're following them on Twitter at @BoldCityBrigade and subscribed to their email newsletter. They give lots of information about offseason parties, gameday tailgates, and where the official road game watch parties are. As far as BBQ and a cold beer... I like Mojo's in Avondale, Smoke It Up BBQ is great but they're a food truck, and 4 Rivers Smokehouse on Baymeadows is very, very good.