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Will Blake Bortles throw for over or under 3,600 yards in 2015?

Can the Jaguars have their best quarterback performance since David Garrard in 2008?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't had consistently good quarterback play in a season since 2009, when David Garrard started all 16 games and threw for 3,597 yards and 15 touchdowns.

But with second-year quarterback Blake Bortles firmly planted as the starter going into the season, and an assumption he can play in all 16 games next season, can he do better or worse than 3,600 yards in 2015?

Last year, he averaged 215 yards per games in which he started. Spread that over a 16-game season and it's 3,440 yards for the year. To reach the "over" on 3,600 yards, he'd need to increase that average to 226 yards per game, which seems totally plausible. His 58.9% completion percentage will likely increase as he puts his rookie season (and some of his rookie mistakes) behind him.

Also in Bortles' favor is a better receiving corps. Out of their top four receivers and top two tight ends, the Jaguars have released Cecil Shorts III and picked up Julius Thomas.

An improved running game (albeit, still not a good one, in my opinion), an improved offensive line, and an offensive scheme with Greg Olson that looks to play up Bortles' strengths better than Jedd Fisch's all give him the potential to have the best single-season yardage for the Jaguars since 2008, but will he do it?

What do you think? Will Bortles hit the over or under on 3,600 yards this season?