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No. 97: Who wore it best? Reggie Hayward or Renaldo Wynn?

We're taking a look at the all-time best player who wore each of the 99 jerseys available on the Jaguars roster. Up now? No. 97.

Doug Benc/Getty Images

In two decades, the Jacksonville Jaguars have had some great players come through this franchise.

In the spirit of counting things down (and biding our time) until the regular season starts on September 13th, we're taking a jersey-by-jersey look at who wore each of the 99 numbers available best for the Jaguars. Up today is No. 97.

Who wore it best: Reggie Hayward (2005-2009)

Renaldo Wynn had the longevity (and was named to the NFL's 1997 All-Rookie Team) but Hayward was the most talented. His 2005 season (33 tackles, 8.5 sacks, and six pass deflections) was the best of anyone to play in the No. 97 jersey. Hayward unfortunately suffered two season-ending injuries in his five-year career with the Jaguars, or else he would be more favorably remembered.

Who wears it now: Roy Miller III (2013-Present)

Miller won't show up on any stat sheets, but that's because his job is to eat up blocks and free up pass rushers like Chris Clemons, Andre Branch, and Ryan Davis to get to the quarterback. And so far, he's doing a great job of it. His ability to fill gaps, occupy two blockers, and hold the line in terms of run defense is invaluable in Bob Babich's defensive line scheme.