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Thursday Q&A: Will Jaguars sign Luke Joeckel to a second contract?

Welcome to Big Cat Country's Thursday Q&A column! We hope you enjoy it.

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With the dead zone of the 2015 NFL season quickly coming and the Jacksonville Jaguars poised to improve at several key positions (as well as in the win-loss record) we're sure you have questions.

Every Thursday check back and see if your question made it. And if you want to submit a question for next week, ask here!

Lava from Washington D.C.

Q: Is there any way possible that our number one draft pick makes it back later in this season?

A: I'd say no. With his timetable, he wouldn't return until the veryyyyyy end of the season, and the risk simply isn't worth giving him a few games of experience.

Quentin from Orlando, FL

Q: Do you guys think Damian Copeland and Neal Sterling have chances of make the roster?

A: I think it's unlikely that Damian Copeland makes the final roster. The Jaguars' receiver group is deep enough at this point to bar Copeland from a position on the team. Neal Sterling, however, has a very good shot at taking a place on the roster. At 6'4, Sterling would most likely get stolen off of the Jaguars' practice squad by a receiver-needy team. It appears that the Jaguars have long-term plans to build Sterling from the ground up. This might not mean playing time in 2015, but it does mean a secure spot on the final 53.

James from Bossier City, LA

Q: What do you think is the likelihood A.J. Cann beats out Zane Beadles in training camp or preseason for the starting spot?

A: I'd say Cann's chances of ripping that spot from Beadles before the season starts are somewhat unlikely. Cann is a rookie, and I think the Jaguars will bring him along carefully as this new offensive installation takes place. Beadles will very likely pass his LG spot to Cann at some point during this season, but moving into training camp, that spot is very much Beadles' to lose. It's not impossible. It's just unlikely.

Gabe from Washington D.C.

Q: If you had to guess, will the Jacksonville Jaguars sign Luke Joeckel to a second contract?

A: I don't like this game.

Jacob from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What are the chances of beating the Carolina Panthers? And how much of an upgrade is Stefen Wisniewski at center? Or is he even going to start?

A: Honestly, that isn't a game that we should look at as an automatic loss. The Panthers struggled for large chunks of last season, and the Jaguars strengths match up against the Panthers weaknesses fairly well. As for Wisniewski, he's likely to start over Bowanko. Wisniewski is just more experienced and consistent, despite Bowanko's flashes last year.

Mike from Melbourne Beach, FL

Q: Two-part question: Is it possible Marqise Lee faked an injury last year to buy time to learn the play book? Is it possible he's doing it again this year? Also, why aren't we looking at Wes Welker at slot? Age and concussions aside he could teach our young receiving corps and Blake Bortles a lot.

A: No, I don't think it's possible. Frankly, it's impossible. He's a professional athlete who has been in the spotlight his whole career, so why would he want to lose playing time? And Welker simply isn't a viable NFL option at this point. Besides, Jacksonville is only betting getting as their young receivers get more reps. Why take that way from them?

Mark from Glen St. Mary, FL

Q: Is there a viable number one receiver currently on our roster? I like Allen Robinson, but I see him more as the number two possession type receiver. Thoughts?

A: I disagree. I think Allen Robinson has a prototypical X receiver build. Of course, Robinson will have to step up into that primary receiver role this year. Last season, he flashed a variety of traits that not only established him as the most reliable receiver on the team, but painted the picture of an all-around offensive threat. When jammed, Robinson was able to create separation on the outside. He had a few impressive back shoulder catches, and displayed the ability to get down the sideline. I believe that Robinson can can be that No. 1 receiver, and I believe the Jaguars believe it too.

Kendrick from Los Angeles, CA

Q: Why does Hank hate me?

A: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jon from Fort Stewart, GA

Q: Got any suggestions for season ticket seats? I want to be in a rowdy section but I'm a first-time buyer.

A: Well, if you're not yet a member of the Bold City Brigade, I suggest you do that immediately. Sign up here. They have gameday tailgates, watch parties for away games, events throughout the year, and more. It's a great community to follow the Jaguars with. As far as a section, they take over Section 124 and the surrounding area. But your first step needs to be Bold City Brigade membership (if it's not already) and then reach out to @FeelTheTeal on Twitter for tickets.