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No. 92: Who wore it best? One of the team's best seventh-round picks

Ziggy Hood currently wears it. Don Davey was the first. But who wore it best? Neither of them. Up now is No. 92.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

In two decades, the Jacksonville Jaguars have had some great players come through this franchise.

In the spirit of counting things down (and biding our time) until the regular season starts on September 13th, we're taking a jersey-by-jersey look at who wore each of the 99 numbers available best for the Jaguars.

Who wore it best: Rob Meier (2000-2008)

Probably the most productive seventh-round draft pick for the team, Meier was another one of those versatile defensive lineman who was never quite a starter, but was a big part of the defensive line's success in former head coach Jack Del Rio's brief playoff runs in the mid-2000's. After playing sparingly under Tom Coughlin, he was given more and more playing time as his career went on, playing in all but one game in his final four seasons and compiling 17 sacks.

Who wears it now: Ziggy Hood (2014-Present)

A former first-round draft pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Hood is used in a similar way to Meier -- rotating in and out along different positions of the defensive line and asked to do different things based on the down, distance, and situation -- although what Meier lacks in Hood's athleticism, he makes up for in strength.