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No. 90: Who wore it best? It's Tony Brackens stop thinking

It's not even close. It's not up for debate. Tony Brackens is the best defensive player the Jaguars have ever had, much less the best to wear No. 90.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In two decades, the Jacksonville Jaguars have had some great players come through this franchise.

In the spirit of counting things down (and biding our time) until the regular season starts on September 13th, we're taking a jersey-by-jersey look at who wore each of the 99 numbers available best for the Jaguars.

Who wore it best: Tony Brackens (1996-2003)

55 sacks, 49 passes defended, 28 forced fumbles, 13 fumble recoveries, one touchdown. He's the single-season sack leader and all-time sack leader for the Jaguars. Hell, this video below is enough to do it for me. (Skip ahead to 3:55 for Tony Brackens dancing on Dan Marino's grave.)

Who wears it now: Andre Branch (2012-Present)

10 sacks in three seasons, even if the third one was cut short by injury, just isn't good enough. Forget that he got drafted in the second round, Branch is getting regular rotations in at the LEO spot, and averaging just over three sacks per season is underperforming. He was reportedly almost traded in 2013, but came back and had a six-sack season this year. The hope is that with an improved offense this year, the defense will do better in all facets. That's a big hope though.