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No. 88: Who wore it best? BIG SOFA


Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In two decades, the Jacksonville Jaguars have had some great players come through this franchise.

In the spirit of counting things down (and biding our time) until the regular season starts on September 13th, we're taking a jersey-by-jersey look at who wore each of the 99 numbers available best for the Jaguars.

Who wore it best: Damon Jones (1997-2001)

Yes, he made Downer Jag Fan's "Hall of Shame" in 2014, but Damon "Big Sofa" Jones wasn't a bad tight end. He certainly wasn't bad, and he edges out the next-best player, Allen Hurns on touchdowns alone -- 11, including eight during the Jaguars best years of 1998 and 1999. He was a big dude and more of an extra blocker, while Pete Mitchell and Kyle Brady caught the passes.

Who wears it now: Allen Hurns (2014-Present)

If Allen Hurns has one more season like he did last year, he'll be the best to ever wear No. 88. He's already got more yards (677) and if he puts together another decent season, and especially if he adds to his six touchdowns total, Hurns will be the best No. 88 in Jaguars history.