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Can Ben Koyack sneak into the Jaguars' crowded tight end group?

With Marcedes Lewis and Julius Thomas occupying the top two spots on the depth chart, what kind of contribution can rookie tight end Ben Koyack make this season?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

As I write about how the Jacksonville Jaguars boosted their tight end group this offseason, I could almost focus on free agency alone to form my argument.

Julius Thomas joined the team in March, which immediately lifted the Jaguars tight end room to one of the best components of the team. The draft, admittedly, is almost an afterthought. The Jaguars snagged both WR Neal Sterling - who is at best tight end-ish - and tight end Ben Koyack in the seventh round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

With Marcedes Lewis and Julius Thomas set firmly in place as the Jaguars' two primary tight ends, there isn’t an a lot of room to carry pieces on the roster that don't have a strong projected contribution to the Jaguars 2015 blueprint.

Rookie tight end Ben Koyack, however, could very well turn into a contributor for the Jaguars this season.

Coming out of Notre Dame, Ben Koyack was viewed by many as the most complete tight end in the 2015 NFL draft. Koyack's numbers through college weren't very flashy, and it's best not to think of him as a weapon. He’s not going to sneak onto the roster with flashes of athleticism or an ability to play multiple positions.

Koyack will make the Jaguars roster because he is an asset. As Thomas and Lewis occupy the top of the depth chart, Ben Koyack has the opportunity to play more of a traditional Y role in limited situations. Koyack is a complete tight end -- you might not see him move around outside a lot, but he carries the ability to play several roles in-line or offset.

It’s fair to expect an adjustment period though training camp as Koyack tries to uncover a role in a congested tight end group. I expect Koyack to beat out Nic Jacobs for a roster spot, as long as Koyack proves his worth on special teams.

Of course, a lot could unfold in the preseason. But right now, Koyack seems like an Irish steal from the 7th round and a rookie to watch in training camp.