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Jacksonville Jaguars top 25 plays of 2014: Blake Bortles escapes Colts' grasp

We're counting down the 25 best plays of 2014. Who made it to No. 25? Blake Bortles and the athleticism that showed why the Jaguars spent the No. 3 overall pick on him.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars were in a bind through the first two weeks of the 2014 season. They thought Chad Henne could be the starter through the year, managing a good, but not great, passing attack and letting newly signed Toby Gerhart put the running game -- and the team -- on his shoulders.

By halftime in Week 3, that dream was dead, and head coach Gus Bradley made the decision to bench Henne and put in rookie Blake Bortles, an unpolished prospect who warranted the No. 3 overall pick because of his athleticism, arm strength, and mobility.

It didn't take very long for Bortles to give the Jaguars a taste of why they drafted him so highly.

Trailing 30-0 in the third quarter to the Indianapolis Colts, Bortles was leading the second drive of his career. Facing a 2nd-and-7 at his own 21-yard line, two Colts pass rushers came off the edge unchecked.

And Bortles somehow escaped them to reverse field and throw a 25-yard pass to fullback Will Ta'ufo'ou.

As you can see from the other angle, left tackle Luke Joeckel slides to the right to sell the play-action, but Joeckel doesn't even touch a defender until after Bortles has faced the two defenders and escaped them.

Does Bortles' scramble and pass deserve to be in the Top 25 for 2014? Let us know in the comments below!