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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Sergio Brown calls defense a team of "savages"

In his visit to the UK, Sergio Brown said he has high expectations for the Jaguars defense, and more team news for your Monday.

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars safety Sergio Brown calls defense "savages" -
Sergio Brown says people will talk about Jacksonville Jaguars as "savages" despite the loss of Dante Fowler, Jr. Brown joined Jacksonville from Indianapolis in a free agency move. Entering the sixth year of his NFL career, Brown is expected to start at free safety.

What cutting Ace Sanders means to the rest of the 2013 draft class -
On the surface, the Jacksonville Jaguars cutting Ace Sanders isn't a huge deal... at least football-wise. He was on the outside looking in entering this offseason, as he was disappointing as a punt returner and has been surpassed at wide receiver by Marqise Lee, Allen Robinson, and Allen Hurns. We also saw the Jaguars add another slot receiver and punt returner in Rashad Greene during the 2015 NFL Draft. But it says a lot to the players drafted in 2013.

Former Jaguars players making names for themselves on CFL rosters -
The NFL offseason is about to transition into training camp, but as those teams prepare for the season, the CFL is in the middle of its schedule. As you know, some NFL and (more importantly) Jaguars fans have a soft spot in their hearts for former members of their favorite squads. Several former Jaguars have made their way up north after their NFL careers went south (see what I did there?) and are making the most of the opportunities in the CFL.