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Shad Khan "very reluctant to move a Packers game away from Jacksonville"

Jaguars owner Shad Khan is fighting to keep next year's matchup with the Packers in Jacksonville... and it's absolutely the right thing to do.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, FOXSports reported that the matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Green Bay Packers would likely be the 2016 London "home" game away from EverBank Field.

But not if Jaguars owner Shad Khan has his way.

According to ESPN, Khan is "very reluctant" to move the Jaguars-Packers game away from Jacksonville.

Packers president Mark Murphy said he's spoken with Shad and understands why the Jaguars owner wants to keep the game in Jacksonville.

"The challenge is that our fans travel so well to away games in the United States that teams are very reluctant to give up home games against the Packers," Murphy said Monday. "We would love to [play in London]. In fact, I talked to Shad, and he expressed to me that he would be very reluctant to move a Packers game away from Jacksonville."

Besides the Packers, the Jaguars will host the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, and an AFC North opponent. That's precisely why Khan needs to continue to fight to keep this game in Jacksonville. Any game that's moved to London will likely sell out and a Packers game in Jacksonville would sell out.

However, put the Packers game in London and keep, say, the Raiders or Vikings in Jacksonville, and you'd be facing an uphill battle.

Khan wanted a home game in London for the financial stability it would create. Now he's fighting to make sure a near-guaranteed sellout with the Packers stays in Jacksonville.

Let's hope Khan gets his wish.