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Thursday Q&A: Is there a possibility the Jaguars draft a QB in 2016?

Welcome to Big Cat Country's Thursday Q&A column where we talk about blitzes, Bortles, Blackmon, and fighting John Oehser! We hope you enjoy it.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

With the dead zone of the 2015 NFL season upon us and the Jacksonville Jaguars still more than a week away from training camp, we're sure you have questions.

Every Thursday check back and see if your question made it. And if you want to submit a question for next week, ask here!

Chris from Folkson, GA

Q: Watching the Jaguars defense last year, it didn't seem liked they blitzed much, which may explain why they were last in quarterback pressures. But we're relatively successful when we blitz. Why don't the Jaguars blitz more?

A: Like you said, the Jaguars are successful when they blitz. They are successful because they blitz situationally, disrupting the flow of an opposing offense on occasions that are beneficial to do so. It's safe to assume that if the Jaguars blitzed more often, it might not be as profitable because the offense has a better opportunity to pick the blitz up, or get rid of the ball quicker. A large portion of establishing a dominant defensive line is uncovering the right and wrong times to blitz an offense.

Timothy from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Q: If Justin Blackmon was last arrested on July 24, 2014 wouldn't he have to wait one year to apply for reinstatement? That would be July 24, 2015.

A: You don't get over ex-girlfriends easily, do you?

Scott from Palatka, FL

Q: Does Mr. Ozone know you are doing this? If so, who do you think would win in a fight you or him?

A: The O-zone is not self-aware, Scott. It is an insentient part of the Earth's atmosphere. How could it ever "know" anything? How the hell do you expect me to "fight" the stratosphere? With an Aerosol can?

God from Heaven, AD

Q: If Blake has a bad year do we go after a quarterback in the draft if there is one to get?

A: You can make this issue as simple as you would like. I'll lay it all out in a run-on sentence: if Blake Bortles has a "bad year" while showing no signs of improvement and there is a QB coming out of the draft that the Jaguars believe instantly makes the team better at the position, then yes, the Jaguars should pull the trigger, but personally, I don't believe this scenario will occur and Blake Bortles will most likely be the Jaguars starting quarterback in 2016. In short: no.

Amedeo from Angira, Italy

Q: What do you guys think about Dante Fowler's ACL injury? What can we expect from his second year with the Jaguars? Do players usually recover 100% from these kind of injuries?

A: Since Fowler's injury occurred so early in the year, I think it is fair to expect him to be somewhat near 100% physically, due to the current state of ACL recovery. But I do think it will take him quite a bit to recover completely, more mentally due to missed games and experience than physically.

Josh from Gainesville, FL

Q: The battle for the No. 5 cornerback spot is heated. Jeremy Harris, Rashaad Reynolds, or Nick Marshall... Who has it for now?

A: I'd say Harris right now, but that could change to Marshall fairly quickly. Harris has an advantage early in camp due to his experience in the system, but Marshall is a great athlete who could prove to be too enticing for the staff to rid with.

Tim from New York, NY

Q: Could Aaron Colvin be the answer at free safety and bring corner skills like Devin McCourty?

A: No. General manager Dave Caldwell has made it clear he isn't moving any corners to safety. They signed Sergio Brown and drafted James Sample for a reason.

Conservative Caleb from Somewhere, USA

Q: Why do we have Toby Gerhart? While he is very hard-working man, I think he is simply out of position. Players such as T.J Yeldon and Denard Robinson are far better running backs.

A: Toby brings a unique lunchpail-carrying vibe to the locker room. Do you want to give that up?

Gabe from Washington D.C.

Q: Between Allen Robinson and Julius Thomas, who gets more receptions, yards, and touchdowns this year?

A: I'd say Robinson gets more yards and receptions, but Thomas has more touchdowns by a sizable gap. I'll even go so far as to say Robinson is the team's first 1,000-yard receiver since Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell. But Thomas will be the team leader in receiving touchdowns.

Tim from Gainesville, FL

Q: Are the Jaguars confident in their backup at left tackle? Do they look at someone as a solid backup or to push for competition? This position makes me nervous because it could be season-changing due to its importance.

A: Tim, I don't even know where to begin.