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Jaguars official Twitter account roasted the Ravens new emoji keyboard

That's not how this works, Ravens. That's not how any of this works.

The Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled a new emoji keyboard on Wednesday morning, complete with GIFs, front office and coaching faces, notable players, and more. It's a clever way for the Jaguars digital team to show they're the best in the league and always thinking of new ideas.

Then, a full 24 hours later, the Baltimore Ravens launched their own emoji keyboard. Way to go, guys. Nothing quite bludgeons a good idea like copying and pasting it the next day.

But then the Ravens got snarky. It wasn't enough they ripped an idea from the Jaguars. They had to go and poke the bear.

So, the Jaguars responded, pointing out that while the Ravens had emojis they were, undoubtedly weak.

The Ravens tweeted back a full screenshot of their emojis, thinking this somehow proved they had entered the arena as worthy competitors.

Upon closer inspection, however, there was one emoji that... well... might have been better left off the list.

Bodied. Roasted. The fight is over.