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Jacksonville Jaguars top 25 plays of 2014: J.T. Thomas' interception vs. Bengals

We're counting down the 25 best plays of 2014. Who made it to No. 18? J.T. Thomas and his show of concentration to intercept an Andy Dalton pass in Week 9.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars were on the road in Week 9 against the Cincinnati Bengals. After ending the first quarter up 3-0, they trailed for the rest of the game, but they never lagged too far behind.

Down 26-16 in the fourth quarter, the Bengals were driving. The Jaguars had just scored, but Andy Dalton and Giovani Bernard had exploited a Jacksonville defense that was stout in the first half, but showing weaknesses in the second.

The Bengals ran a screen that was broken up almost as quickly as the ball was snapped. Dalton threw the ball away (but he didn't do a very good job) and it got tipped just behind J.T. Thomas' left shoulder.

Thomas did the rest, showing off some great awareness and reflexes as he hauled in a pass that resulted in a Jaguars touchdown two plays later.

Does J.T. Thomas' interception deserve to be in the Top 25 for 2014? Let us know in the comments below!