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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Have the Jaguars improved since Dave Caldwell's arrival?

ESPN's AFC South writers talk about whether the Jaguars have improved since new GM Dave Caldwell took over and more team news.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Have the Jacksonville Jaguars improved since Dave Caldwell's arrival? -
Where have the Jacksonville Jaguars made their biggest improvement, if any, since GM David Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley took over following the 2012 season?

Blake Bortles had a "dead arm" in late 2014 -
The Jacksonville Jaguars wrapped up OTA practices recently and general manager Dave Caldwell is excited about the prospect of quarterback Blake Bortles getting some rest for his arm. That's because Bortles had what Caldwell described as a "dead arm" towards the end of last year and that his rookie quarterback suffered from inflammation in his arm and shoulder.

Aaron Colvin on his ACL recovery with the Jaguars -
Ever since he received the call to the NFL, Aaron Colvin has been on a mission. "I've been blessed. I mean you see me last year, my knee, I was going through it man," he explained. "I got a chance to do some great things in the NFL."

Top prospects in the NFL supplemental draft -
For the most part, the annual NFL supplemental draft comes and goes without much surprise or scrutiny. Typically, there are few blip-worthy players on the NFL's radar screen that are worth a future draft pick, which are essentially considered gold for miners (or executives) working in big cities for massive franchises. This offseason, that may change.