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Thursday Q&A: How do the Jaguars match up to a Patriots team without Tom Brady?

Welcome to Big Cat Country's Thursday Q&A column where we talk about the Jaguars playing the Patriots (and not Tom Brady) and more! We hope you enjoy it.

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With the dead zone of the 2015 NFL season upon us and the Jacksonville Jaguars still more than a week away from training camp, we're sure you have questions.

Every Thursday check back and see if your question made it. And if you want to submit a question for next week, ask here!

Taylor from Morgantown, WV

Q: How do you see the running back group turning out through the preseason? Who is most likely to not make the roster?

A: Well, I think it is pretty clear that the top three spots belong to T.J. Yeldon, Denard Robinson, and Toby Gerhart. That leaves second-year running back Storm Johnson and new addition Bernard Pierce to battle for the No. 4 spot. Just based on talent I think Storm should win it, but he's had a pretty unfortunate offseason so far with a back injury, being placed on the non-football injury list, and being called into question by Gus Bradley himself. My gut says Pierce makes the roster.

Scott from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What percentage chance would you give Blake Bortles at eventually developing into a top-8 quarterback?

A: Top 8? As of right now, I'm struggling trying to forecast Blake Bortles finding his way past that oddly specific cut-off. If Bortles can take a respectable step in the right direction this year, there's no reason to think he won't eventually flourish along with the young offense he commands. If he can do that, I think there's a 100% chance of Blake developing into a top 9 quarterback... top 8 is pushing it, though.

Sam from Sanford, FL

Q: Why hasn't Storm Johnson earned more playing time and touches? From the little he played last year he's produced

A: WELL ACTUALLY, while I do like Johnson, he only averaged 3.0 yards per carry. He had flashes, but never took advantage of the opportunities he was granted. He simply has not shown enough to be placed in front of Denard or Gerhart, and with Yeldon as the new starting running back, he will have an even tougher time getting onto the field.

Kashan from Virginia Beach, VA

Q: How good are the New England Patriots without Tom Brady?

A: The Patriots, without Tom Brady, are as good as an elite NFL team without their elite NFL quarterback. Realistically, it's fair to expect a drop-off in production while Brady has his ass parked on the bench. Also realistically, the Patriots are reigning Super Bowl champions, and will continue to play in such fashion. In short, they're still better than the Jaguars. A lot better.

Michael from Minot, ND

Q: What is the future of Denard Robinson? Will he just be the third running back or will they use his speed on special teams?

A: I think Denard will be the second running back throughout most of the season. It seems like they have a more specific role for Gerhart this year, and while he will see carries, it looks like at this point Denard is next in line behind Yeldon. With that said, things should clear up more as camp progresses.

Jacob from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Are we ever going to change our helmets? They have to know that way too many of our fans don't like them.

A: Under NFL law, there has to be at least a five-year period between major uniform modifications for any given team. I'm sure the Jaguars are aware of fan opinions regarding the helmets, just as I am sure the Jaguars don't care about fan opinions regarding the helmets. The Jaguars rebranded in 2013. If a change to the helmets is to be made, it can be done -- well, I'll let you do the math.

Calvin from St. Augustine, FL

Q: What are your realistic expectations for the Jaguars? What do you think their win/loss record will realistically be??

A: 16-0. 19-0.

John from New York, NY

Q: Who do you see when watching Allen Robinson? I see a hybrid of Brandon Marshall and A.J. Green, not as big as Marshall, not as fast as Green, but somewhere in between.

A: I see Allen Robinson, because he is his own special individual who should not be compared to anyone else. Also, I do not have a good comparison on hand. He is good at football though.

Thaddeus from London, UK

Q: Is Brennan Williams your favourite footballer? If not, he should be.

A: Goodnight, everyone.