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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: 10 players on the bubble for training camp

A preview of who could be on the bubble for the Jaguars going into training camp and more team news for your Monday.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

10 Jacksonville Jaguars players on the bubble for training camp -
After a 3 -13 campaign, none of the holdovers from last year's Jacksonville Jaguars squad should feel safe. However, that's not really how it works in the NFL. As always, there will be several tenured members of the team that get a second, third or even a fourth chance to show that they can help in building a "winner."

Top prospects at linebacker in 2016 -
The Jaguars linebacker situation is one of the few I am not optimistic about in terms of significant improvement since Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley have taken over. Telvin Smith was a huge addition and should play an even larger role next season and the seasons ahead than he did last year. He has the skillset to thrive in today's NFL and has pro bowl level talent. But outside of him, the linebacking corps is relatively weak.

Where does Rashad Greene fit in the Jaguars offense? -
en veteran wide receiver Cecil Shorts left the Jacksonville Jaguars for the Lone Star State, a large portion of wholehearted fans and local media thought the Jaguars might snatch a receiver early in the draft to immediately fill the void he left behind. They were wrong.

A lot of Jacksonville Jaguars jokes and jabs aren't rooted in accuracy -
There’s no question that’s the frustration Jaguars fans have with many stories written about the team from a national perspective – and there’s no question many stories written about the Jaguars from that perspective lack depth and accuracy. Why is this?