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Which Jaguars player made you fall in love with football?

Over the Jaguars' relatively short history, several influential players have captivated fans with playoff wins and explosive plays. Which player is most responsible for your love of football?

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

This morning, Seth Cox of the Draft Savages podcast offered the Twitter community a question that hauled me down nostalgia avenue:

Sticking with the Jacksonville Jaguars and their relatively short history as a franchise, players like Mark Brunell and Jimmy Smith immediately jump out at me. More defense-centered fans might point to big John Henderson or even players like Donovin Darius. Younger fans might attach their fanhood to Maurice Jones-Drew.

For me, it’s Fred Taylor.

The period over which I fell in love with football can be traced back to a time when my father and I would listen to Brian Sexton on the radio. Sexton’s voice would explode when Taylor broke free. In person, I remember the stadium shaking when Freddie took one to the house. These are some of the most vivid memories of my young life.

The media portrayed Taylor as "Fragile Freddie," but he battled through that image his entire career. At age 31, he was still doing this to the Steelers:

In his earlier days, Taylor and Brunell lit up the Dolphins a few times:

Fred Taylor in his prime could break any tackle. Or he’d just flat out run away from the defense. Whichever he needed (or wanted) to do.

In his early years, Taylor made football feel like it belonged in Jacksonville. In his later years, Taylor renewed my love for the game as he and Jones-Drew shredded the Colts on multiple occasions.

Fred Taylor is the most explosive player I have ever had the pleasure of watching, and he is the reason I fell in love with this beautiful sport.

Which player made you fall in love with football?