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No. 99: Who wore it best? Marcus Stroud vs. Sen'Derrick Marks

We're taking a look at the all-time best player who wore each of the 99 jerseys available on the Jaguars roster. Up now? No. 99.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

In two decades, the Jacksonville Jaguars have had some great players come through this franchise.

In the spirit of counting things down (and biding our time) until the regular season starts on September 13th, we're taking a jersey-by-jersey look at who wore each of the 99 numbers available best for the Jaguars. Up today is No. 99.

Who wore it best: Marcus Stroud (2001-2007)

As a fan favorite, and one of the most underrated players in the NFL, it's hard to say Sen'Derrick Marks isn't the best No. 99 all-time on the Jaguars. But for anyone who saw defensive tackle Marcus Stroud play during the dark days of the early 2000's knows that the guy was an absolute beast of a player. Paired with John Henderson along the interior line, Stroud helped the Jaguars put together one of the best run defenses in the league during his seven seasons with the team. The former first-round pick was a Pro Bowl player in 2003, 2004, and 2005, racking up 22 sacks in his 100 career games with the Jaguars.

Who wears it now: Sen'Derrick Marks (2013-Present)

If anyone is worthy of consideration on this list, it's Sen'Derrick Marks. He's athletic, he's hard-working, he's able to play several positions along the line, and he may one day put together a career that exceeds Stroud's. But that day is not today.

Joel Shhhhh-mennnngeeeee was a fun guy to watch in the Jaguars early years, but he sits at third on the all-time No. 99 list.