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Julius Thomas is ready to be double-teamed

Julius Thomas spoke to media on Thursday about his feelings on being double-teamed, and how that could open up the Jaguars offense.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday afternoon, new Jaguars tight-end Julius Thomas spoke briefly to the media about his teammates, expectations for training camp, and the ongoing offensive installation.

Thomas also received questions concerning a topic that hasn’t been relevant in Jacksonville for quite some time. Julius was asked about his feelings on being double-teamed.

"I don't ever know what a defense is going to do going into each game, but I think that it's a sign of respect if a team chooses to double-team me. I've dealt with it before and I know as an offense, we'll talk about that. If that's something that happens, that's something I'll have to worry about on Sundays," Julius relayed to the reporters.

Julius Thomas stole all of the attention when he first arrived in Jacksonville. He is very much used to the courtesy, as he steals the lion’s share of attention on the field as well. Thomas is a steady-handed mountain of a target, which gives the Jaguars’ offense a respected receiving option that they have not been gifted with in recent seasons.

Thomas is a huge asset that is undoubtedly double-team worthy, which relieves some of the pressure from other young pieces on the offense.

"Everybody else is going to have a much better opportunity to create plays, much better mismatches and really, there's nothing you can do about it but give it your all on every play, try to get open the best you can and really depend on your teammates to make big plays," Thomas stated at the podium.

Julius Thomas is certainly not immune to big plays, and he will definitely be able to create some big play opportunities for his teammates as he draws the focus away from the Jaguars young receivers.

Any opposing team that doesn’t feel the need to double-team Julius will be facing an uphill battle. The Jaguars haven't been able to employ an attention-absorbing threat on the field in a long time, but that will change this season.

Thomas is an investment that will pay dividends for a young Jaguars offense that struggled to find open field last season.