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Thursday Q&A: Could we sign additional offensive lineman?

Welcome to Big Cat Country's Thursday Q&A column where we talk about Luke Joeckel, Jermey Parnell, Nick Marshall, and more! We hope you enjoy it.

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With the 2015 NFL preseason just TOMORROW and the Jacksonville Jaguars poised to improve at several key positions (as well as in the win-loss record) we're sure you have questions.

Every Thursday check back and see if your question made it. And if you want to submit a question for next week, ask here!

Gabe from Washington, D.C.

Q: Who do you think will be higher on the depth chart going into the 2016 season: Allen Hurns or Rashad Greene?

A: This season, there is little doubt that Allen Hurns will remain placed above Rashad Greene on the depth chart for 16 games. In 2016? That's tough. Right now, Hurns is locked into that No. 2 position while Marqise Lee recovers from his untimely injury. He has a decent chance at absorbing this role long term. Meanwhile, Greene will work to uncover a role within the offense, finding most of his reps in the slot position. Greene's on-going development could place him in a position to battle Hurns for depth chart ranking in the future, but this scenario depends on Greene's ability to play at an NFL level (which we haven't seen yet) and Marqise Lee's ability to snatch his No. 2 spot back from Hurns. (We'll be watching.)

London from Houston, TX

Q: Do you think the Jaguars should sign Jake Long and Evan Mathis if Luke Joeckel and Zane Beadles don't improve very much?

A: No. Joeckel needs this entire year to show the team what direction they need to go in with him and quite frankly, he is probably still a better option than Jake Long regardless. As for Mathis, no need to bring him on with A.J. Cann in the mix. By all accounts at camp, Cann has been fine.

The War Room from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Q: With Brandon Linder and Jermey Parnell on the right side, do we expect to see a large majority of the run game rushing behind our top run-blockers?

A: I expect the Jaguars to start the season with a balanced rushing attack, working to maintain consistent run blocking on both sides of the line. As the season continues, however, I have no doubt the Jaguars will conform their rushing attack to the sturdier side, which appears right now to be the right side. So to answer your question, yes.

Colin from New York, NY

Q: Paul Posluszny, Telvin Smith, and Dan Skuta are going to be the starting three linebackers. I'm assuming that they also keep LaRoy Reynolds for his work on special teams. Who do you think rounds out that position as the final linebacker(s) on the roster?

A: Khairi Fortt and Jeremiah George are likely locked in as backups to Telvin and Poz. There's a chance Thurston Armbrister could make a late run. Other than them, I am not sure I see any other linebacker making the team.

Alex from Austin, TX

Q: How has Demetrius McCray been looking? I felt like he did well last year.

A: From all reports, McCray has been steady, if unspectacular. The preseason will serve as a better gauge for where he is at as a player right now.

Bold City Batman from Duval Batcave, FL

Q: Batman or Superman? Choose these next words wisely. Or next time you're about to get mugged (which has happened 10 times) I will look the other way... #DTWD #SEEyouATtheSLAB

A: Spiderman.

Katie from Nashville, TN

Q: What do you think Nick Marshall's chances of making the roster are? Also, what do you think about him trying safety?

A: Nick Marshall has definitely exceeded expectations during training camp so far, and appears to be firmly absorbed into the cornerback position. The team hasn't revealed any plans to move him to safety, and I wouldn't think they would even consider such a move after the impressive progress Marshall has made at cornerback. Still, I have a hard time predicting him to make the 53-man roster this season. Marshall was intended to be a long-term project, and while his swift progression is encouraging, the Jaguars are more likely to give him a spot on the practice squad. Though, I will say, a roster spot for Marshall doesn't sound quite as insane as it did a few short weeks ago. When recently asked about Marshall being a pleasant surprise, Gus Bradley pointed out Marshall's poise and competitiveness and stated, "I really like him now. He's got a chance."

Justin from Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

Q: I'm pretty excited for the preseason. That being said, how many series should we expect to see out of our rookies?

A: From the rookies overall? Probably a good bit since rookies are scattered all over the first-team and second-team units. I'd expect to see rookies in the game until the third or fourth quarter.