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Jaguars vs. Steelers: Who wins the game ball?

The Jaguars defeated the Steelers for the team's preseason opener last night, 23-21. Which two players win the game ball?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully, the Jacksonville Jaguars' win against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Friday night is just a taste of what's to come this season.

Jacksonville put up a good fight throughout the game, and came out on top, 23-21. And with the offense looking to have made great improvements since last year, and the defense making strides as well, who wins the game ball on both sides of the ball?

After watching the game live, and on replay on NFL Network, I say (you guessed it) Blake Bortles, and (you wouldn't have guessed it) defensive lineman Cap Capi.

Blake Bortles

On Friday, Bortles showed us exactly what we wanted to see -- significant improvements to his game after an offseason filled with training and fine-tuning his mechanics. Bortles went 11-for-15 (with three drops from receivers) for 118 yards, and a rushing touchdown that made all of our hearts skip a beat.

Not only did Bortles' numbers look good, but you could really tell how poised and in control of the offense he was. That kind of confidence coming out of a second-year QB, especially in the situation that he is in, is rare to come across. But Blake looked great, and that's why he wins the game ball on offense.

Cap Capi

Who? That's what we all were asking when we heard the most amazing name in professional sports credited with two sacks. Cap Capi was unheard of before the game last night, and now is looking to potentially have a spot on the 53 -man roster, if he can keep his play up.

Capi entered the game earlier than he probably would have, but since all of the defensive line starters missed the game, Capi took advantage of his chance to shine. Capi sacked Steelers quarterback Landry Jones twice and found ways to always be close to the ball. Cap Capi wins the game ball on defense.

Which Jaguars players do you think deserve the game ball?