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Every Blake Bortles pass from Friday night's preseason opener

Blake Bortles looked comfortable and accurate in the Jaguars' preseason win on Friday night, launching the 2015 campaign with a renewed sense of positivity and optimism.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The general consensus was clear and amiable on Friday night:

Blake Bortles looked pretty good in the first preseason game of the season.

When you rewind each of Bortles' 15 throws on the night, some underlying takeaways start to jump out at you as well.

Greg Olson's offense fits Blake's QB make-up. This doesn't mean Bortles will certainly uncover success, or even that he'll progress as a passer in the long run. But the astonishing lack of scheme errors and wasted 1st half timeouts -- in the first game with a brand new offense, mind you -- emphasizes a more fluid offense with less thinking and more playing.

The Jaguars used 20+ formations Friday night, and the offense uncovered some form of success in almost every single one of these formations. Three of Bortles' four incompletions were blatant drops, and the 4th was thrown a tad high under pressure. Blake finished 11-of-15 for 118 yards in about a quarter and a half of play.

Though you might assume the opposite at this point, I'm really not trying to pump sunshine. Fans can overanalyze a single preseason game without my encouragement. The barefaced truth is that there was visible improvement Friday night, both in offensive scheme and QB competence. When you break the game down play by play, this idea is only illuminated.

Take a look for yourself. We vined every single Blake Bortles throw from Friday night's preseason opener. Enjoy!