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Thursday Q&A: Which Jaguars player would you want as your wingman?

Welcome to Big Cat Country's weekly Q&A column! We hope you enjoy it.

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As the season gets closer and closer, we promise you this: your questions are starting to get better. (No offense.)

Every Thursday check back and see if your question made it. And if you want to submit a question for next week, ask here!

Matthew from Weirsdale, FL

Q: Do you think Storm Johnson will make the roster?

A: Realistically, no. Being a UCF fan, I certainly hope so. But he needs to show a lot in the next preseason game against the New York Giants to even have a shot.

Josh from Duval, FL

Q: If you were going out to meet ladies, who would you want as your wingman from the Jaguars roster?

A: Luke Bowanko. No question.

Matthew from Weirsdale, FL

Q: Which player stood out the most from the first preseason game?

A: Congratulations for being chosen twice in this weeks Q&A. (Sorry, no prize, except maybe for bragging rights. Or shame. It's probably shame.)

To answer your question, well, I'd probably be harshly judged if I didn't say Blake Bortles stood out the most. Luckily, he was my pick anyway. It's the obvious pick, but it's the right one. Bortles looked great in the game against the Steelers, connecting on 11 of 15 throws for 118 yards and rushing for a touchdown. Bortles also looked very comfortable in the Jaguars new offense, and looked very poised on the field. That's exactly what we needed to see after an offseason full of tinkering his mechanics and training to become our franchise quarterback/savior/messiah.

MalabarJag from Sanford, FL

Q: With Michael Bennett showing promise and Tyson Alualu also capable of backing up Sen'Derrick Marks, has Ziggy Hood shown enough this year to keep his roster spot?

A: Unless Hood is downright awful in the preseason, I wouldn't think so. The Jaguars are not sure how well Alualu will actually fill the vacancy, and the same can be said for Bennett since he is a rookie. Having somebody on the roster with familiarity with the position is important, for the time being at the least.

Jags Ty from Jagsonville, FL

Q: Is Luke Joeckel a victim of expectations being too high for him based on where he was drafted or has he truly underperformed?

A: At first, maybe. At this point, I think people have been so discouraged by him they just want to see something. Anything. His performance has very realistically been disappointing, no matter what his draft slot was.

Xavier from Tucson, AZ

Q: So there has been a lot of stuff going on since rookie mini-camp, but has there been anything about how Dante Fowler is doing with his rehab?

A: Dante Fowler, as far as everybody knows, is right on schedule with his ACL rehab. Understandably, he's been a side story as the young Jaguars roster preps for the regular season. Fowler will definitely be ready to go next season, but don't be surprised if Jacksonville keeps him available so he can make his debut in Super Bowl 50.

Chip from Jacksonville, FL

Q: As of right now, where do you see the Jaguars in the regular season?

A: 16-0. Doesn't everyone think that?

Honestly, barring serious injuries, I would see the Jaguars hovering around 6-7 wins. No, that's not great, but that's quite a turnaround. Considering Gus Bradley has won only seven games in two years as the Jaguars head coach, winning 6-7 games this year would show significant progress.

Samuel from Tallahassee, FL

Q: With Kelvin Benjamin and Louis Delmas now out, and Tom Brady still suspended, it seems likely that the Jaguars can be 3-0 or 2-1 heading into their Week 4 matchup against the Indianapolis Colts. If Bortles and the offense can put up at least 17 points in each of those games, is 3-0 realistic given the issues at important positions on the opponents' rosters?

A: Is 3-0 realistic? Technically, sure, I guess. Is it likely? Absolutely not. I will say though that the rising talent level of the Jaguars young roster and recent misfortune of the early 2015 Jaguars' opponents probably levels the playing field in some fashion. The Jaguars have a good opportunity to contend with each of these teams for a complete 60 minutes. Does that mean they'll win all three? Probably not. Win 3 out of 3? That's pushing it. I'd say the team's ceiling is 2-1 in the first three weeks. 1-2 is the most likely record. 0-3 would be discouraging and playing below expectations.

Zombie from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Why does the wait between games seem longer than the entire offseason?

A: I don't know, Zombie. I just don't know.