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What does success look like for the Jaguars against the Giants?

What would be a "success" for the Jaguars in Week 2 of the preseason against the Giants?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are playing the New York Giants on Saturday night at MetLife Stadium and success looks a little different in the preseason (player development, individual matchups, etc...) than it does the regular season (wins, mostly).

We asked the Big Cat Country team what they thought "success" would look like at the end of Saturday night's game. Here are their answers:

Ryan Day

I want to see Blake Bortles do well again. His vision and route progressions were great, and his throwing mechanics looked greatly improved. He was faulted for just one incompletion last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and while I don't expect that this week, I do think a "success" would be another week of few incompletions, another week of showing good throwing mechanics, another week of commanding the office, and another touchdown by Bortles.

Hank Joness

I want to see the Jaguars build off what they did well last week, which is running the ball and moving the offense efficiently. The Jags offensive line had a good showing against the Steelers last week, but the Giants are a more formidable front seven so this can be an even better test. Simply put, this Giants defense is suspect, just as much or maybe even more so than the Steelers defense currently is. The Jags will be a success if they move the ball as well or better as they did last week. Defensively, I'd like to see fewer mishaps in the secondary, such as penalties and blown coverages.

Cole Hartley

Greg Olson's new Jaguars offense, for the most part, looked established and sturdy in Week 1 against the Steelers. Steve Spagnuolo's new Giants defense, on the other hand, looked shaky and winded in their preseason opener against the Bengals last Friday. I want to see Greg Olson and Blake Bortles tear into the Giants' defense, but I know it's preseason, so I'll settle for a steady display of efficient drives down the field. The Bengals were able to pound the ball and toss it overtop against the Giants early -- if the Jaguars are to be successful, I want to see them do the same.

Zach Goodall

"Success" to me would be the Jaguars not allowing Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, or any of the Giants' offensive weapons in general, to make any big plays. Beckham is a danger whenever he is on the field, so I'd like to see the Jaguars revamped secondary (consisting of Davon House, Aaron Colvin, Sergio Brown, and Demetrius McCray) shut him and the rest of the Giants' talented offense down.