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Observations from Week 2 of the preseason

Observations and musings from Week 2 of the Jaguars preseason. (And our weekly HANXED IT award!)

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

1) The Jaguars are who we thought they were.

I am not one to overreact from a preseason game by any means. The starters don't even play a full half, and the fact that the game doesn't technically "count" can play a huge role in the mindset and decision making of all involved. With that said, the Jaguars played exactly like the team I have thought they would be once camp began. They were missing a few big pieces obviously, such as Julius Thomas, Cyprien, Marks, and Clemons, but all in all they showed the predictable strengths and weaknesses. The offense has a lot of talent, but they are going to be inconsistent. The defense plays physical and sound, but the lack off a pass rush is becoming increasingly noticeable with each snap. This game doesn't necessarily matter in the long run, but I think it gave us a good look of what the 2015 team might shape up to be.

2) These drops have got to be fixed.

The Jaguars first team offense suffered from 3 drops in 3 series last week vs Pittsburgh, and this week was more of the same. They literally dropped the ball 3 times. in 3 series. Again. Vs the Steelers, Clay Harbor dropped a would-be TD on a beautiful deep pass. Vs the Giants? Allen Hurns dropped a would-be TD on a beautiful deep pass. Vs the Steelers, Allen Hurns dropped a would-be first down and stalled the drive. Vs the Giants? Allen Robinson dropped back to back passes that would have resulted in first down. Tony Washington would also drop a would-be first down pass from Henne shortly after. It is better for these issues to show up now than later, but they are getting bad. And they need to get corrected.

3) Blake looked OK.

Bortles didn't make any jaw-dropping throws (outside of the dropped TD and-oh no I hate everything), but he didn't make any throws that were egregiously bad either. His accuracy wasn't as good as last week, but he didn't make any bad decisions and, for the most part, gave his receivers the chances they needed to make plays. He didn't look bad. He didn't look like a world beater. He looked just OK. And after some of the QB hell the Jags have experienced lately, I will take a just OK performance in a week 2 preseason game and sleep just fine.

4) Rashad Greene is going to be a very solid addition to this team.

I don't think Greene is going to come close to leading the Jaguars in any statistical categories this season but from what he showed tonight, and over the last 4 years or so at FSU, it is pretty clear the Jags should be happy he is on their team. He doesn't have any outstanding traits, but he knows how to get open and he is a highly intelligent player. He also does his best work in an area the Jaguars have struggled over the years: Moving the chains. At FSU, Greene was at his best as Winston's go-to guy when a conversion was needed, especially on plays where things broke down and improvision was needed. That is exactly what the Jaguars offense needs, and tonight Greene showed he has some chemistry with Bortles. Greene won't put up huge numbers, but I really do think his impact could exceed them with ease.

5) Odell Beckham was flustered and it was entertaining.

Beckham took the NFL by storm last season. Frankly, he was easily one of the 3 best, if not THE best, WRs in the NFL during the 2014 season. And that is what made his play against Jacksonville so weird. He short armed pass after pass. I am not going to say he was afraid of contact, but he clearly wasn't going to take any risks he didn't have to. Beckham's frustrations with the game eventually ended in him getting in Sergio Browns face after another failed connection from Manning, and in a game where 9 FIELD GOALS were kicked, I thank him for those 5 seconds of entertainment.

Weekly superlatives

Offensive Player of the Week: Allen Robinson

In a game with 9 FIELD GOALS, there weren't exactly a ton of directions to go with this one. But despite having drops on back to back plays, Robinson still looked solid for the most part. He lead the team with 64 yards, coming on only 3 receptions, and showed off his athleticism and his comfort with Bortles.

Defensive Player of the Week: Chris Smith

The Jaguars starting defense went a second straight week without making an impact, primarily due to the players missing and their short time in the game. With that said, Chris Smith continues to come into his own with the 2nd team. He got a sack and a number of other pressures to build on from his 5 pressures last week. There is 0 reason for Branch to continue to get snaps over him.

Best Play: Allen Robinson's 36-yard catch and run.

In a game where big plays were hard to come by, watching Robinson catch the ball on an accurate toss from Bortles and then outrun the Linebackers  down the field was a pretty #fun display of Robinson's athleticism.

Rookie of the Week: Rashad Greene

Because the rest Jaguars rookie class is currently either backups or in the morgu-injured. Yes. Injured.

Hanxed It Award: All of us viewing because there were 9 field goals kicked.