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Every single Blake Bortles pass from Saturday night

Overall, there was a big scoop of good and a few sprinkles of bad in Blake Bortles' preseason performance against the Giants on Saturday night.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

If I had to label Blake Bortles' preseason performance against the Giants on Saturday night, I'd call it a little bit of good, a little bit of bad, but not a lot of ugly.

Realistically, that's about all you can ask for out of your second-year quarterback in his second live-setting game of the season with his second career playbook. Blake Bortles came back down to Earth after an impressive showing in preseason week one against Pittsburgh, and that's fine.

Fans were enamored with Bortles' new fundamentals and grasp on the offense in week one, and last night, Blake displayed more of the same -- just in a less flashy fashion.

Bortles was 8-of-16 through a little over a quarter of play, marching his offense down the field but falling short of the endzone several times. Blake didn't contribute a touchdown on Saturday night, but he impressed me with his decision making while maintaining drives.

With starting tight-end Julius Thomas sidelined, the Jaguars offense shifted to more of an 11-personell playbook instead of their natural two-tight-end look. There were no screen plays worked into Blake's 16 pass attempts. There also wasn't a single TE target.

We're now in the heart of preseason football, and the Jaguars are using this opportunity to play with their sets and schemes. The regular season Jaguars offense should look a little more heavy-set than it did on Saturday night, but overall, Bortles made the most of what he was presented with.

Take a look for yourself. We vined every Blake Bortles pass from Saturday night.