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Stefen Wisniewski named Jaguars starting center

We have a winner, everybody.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Stefen Wisniewski has been assigned to the starting center role for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Wisniewski, coming off of a recent shoulder injury and surgery, accepted a one-year contract to join the Jaguars this past offseason. In doing so, Wisniewski placed himself in a contest with second-year center Luke Bowanko for the starting center position.

Wisniewski hasn't missed a single day of practice since having offseason surgery, and has played consistently throughout training camp and two preseason games. Luke Bowanko has also had a decent showing through training camp, but falls short of Wisniewski in the experience category -- something that undoubtedly played a role in Wiz winning the gig. He's spent the last three years of his career in Oakland, including two years under current Jaguars offensive coordinator Greg Olson.

Gus Bradley spoke on his decision to the media today after practice: "I think the consistency that we saw in Wiz and some of the experience. It was a very difficult decision the way Bo was playing because he did a lot of good things. I think just for the team's sake where we're at how it felt when we watched and evaluated him Wiz had the edge."

It's obvious that the Jaguars feel more comfortable employing an experienced center in front of Blake Bortles. It's also obvious that the center competition was a close one, which can only be labeled as a positive thing.

Bowanko will still practice at his center position, but the Jaguars have uncovered plans to move him within the offensive line as well. Bowanko will see time at center, guard and tackle positions as the preseason continues to unfold.