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What's your favorite Josh Scobee memory?

Josh is leaving the Jacksonville Jaguars, but will never leave our hearts.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

Kicker Josh Scobee leaves the Jacksonville Jaguars today as the franchise leader in points scored with 1,022.

But he leaves the team as much more than that.

As we say goodbye to Scobee, we say goodbye to an entire era of Jaguars football. Tides have been changing recently for a young, culturally-revived Jaguars team, but there was once a time when Josh Scobee was the only pillar of consistency that the Jaguars had to lean on.

Scobee was once a team icon. He's a model of professionalism and a damn good kicker. Scobee has been active in the Jaguars and Jacksonville community since being drafted in 2004, when he quickly became and remained one of the most loved Jaguars in team history.

As Scobee departs for the next stage of his career in Pittsburgh, he leaves behind many memories for us to remember and cherish.

The most notable is his 59-yard game winner against the Colts in 2010 -- the game that crowned Scobee as the "Colt Killer."

It'll be difficult seeing Scobee in black and yellow, as I'll never forget the time Scobee saved the game by kicking a 25-yard field goal through the snow with 37 seconds remaining in the 2007 playoffs against the Steelers.

Then there's his Monday Night Football performance -- against the Ravens in 2011, Scobee kicked 4 FGs to give the Jaguars a 12-7 win. On this night, he tied the NFL record for most 50+ yard field goals in a single game with 3. Looks like the Ravens will be seeing a little more of Scoobs in the future.

Yes, it's a business. And yes, it's a different era of Jaguars football. But it's okay to be sad today.

We'll miss you, Josh.

What's your favorite Scobee memory?