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Jaguars OC Greg Olson: Marqise Lee is "the albino tiger at the zoo"

Jaguars offensive coordinator compares Marqise Lee to an albino tiger at the zoo. People forget that.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have had quite a Monday. First, they traded their franchise points leader in kicker Josh Scobee to the Pittsburgh Steelers and now offensive coordinator is comparing oft-injured Marqise Lee to zoo animals.

According to Hays Carlyon of the Florida Times-Union, Olson was trying to make a point about how Lee is spectacular when on the field, but that it's a rare occurrence to actually see him on the field.

"He's to me like the albino tiger at the zoo," Olson said. "You get there and if you're lucky enough to get him to come out of the cage and see him, it's a good day. I've only seen him three times [in practice] since I've been here. Those three days he was very impressive, but he's only been out three days. So, we're hoping we can get him healthy and see him a little bit more."

While Olson may have a point about practices, Lee only missed 13 games last year due to injury.

We are witnessing Jaguars history today, folks.