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Thursday Q&A: Can Chris Smith become a bigger part of the defense?

Welcome to Big Cat Country's Thursday Q&A column where we talk about Chris Smith's early burst in camp, Luke Joeckel's development, and more! We hope you enjoy it.

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With the 2015 NFL preseason just a little more than a week away and the Jacksonville Jaguars poised to improve at several key positions (as well as in the win-loss record) we're sure you have questions.

Every Thursday check back and see if your question made it. And if you want to submit a question for next week, ask here!

Hector from Bakersfield, GA

Q: What does T.J. Yeldon bring to the Jaguars that the other three running backs already bring? Who does he compare as a running back in the league?

A: He's sort of a combination of both Denard Robinson and Toby Gerhart. He is big and strong enough to run inside the tackles, but he athletic enough to also run stretch plays and bounce it outside. Ultimately, the thing that separates Yeldon is his vision and ability to be a three-down back, due to his pass-blocking and his ability to catch out of the backfield.

Armand from Atlantic Beach, FL

Q: Who do you see as our punt returner and kick returner. Which undrafted rookie has a chance to make this team?

A: At punt returner, I think we'll end up seeing Rashad Greene. Marqise Lee is getting some work during camp, but with his recent hamstring injury, I think Greene has the inside track. As far as kick returns, I'm less sure about that, but I've always thought running back Corey Grant has the speed to do it, although he's dropped kicks in practice and coaches only have so much patience for that. Newly signed receiver Greg Jenkins is being given a shot at both return jobs, but I don't think he'll make it.

As far as undrafted free agents, linebacker Matt Robinson, cornerback Nick Marshall, and running back Corey Grant have chances, but don't be surprised if there are no undrafted free agents on the final 53-man roster. That's not a bad thing. In fact, that means the team is of enough quality, signed enough talent in free agency, and drafted well enough to field an entire roster without having to go into the UDFA bin.

Tim from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Do you guys read the other questions and answers before you select your choices or just hold your hands over your eyes and point? Perhaps a version you might better understand is in order. Is there an editor, or are the inmates running the asylum?

A: The inmates are most definitely running the asylum.

Shay from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Any update on Michael Bennett? He was suppose to be a steal in the draft yet I haven't heard much about him since. Did I miss something?

A: Actually, he has been getting rave reviews so far in camp. He has not been running with the first team obviously, but reports are he has been a bright spot, especially in pass rush drills.

James from West Liberty, KY

Q: I know we're still early into camp but just wanted to get early impressions thus far of Luke Joeckel (since he's finally had a healthy offseason to train).

A: Well they have only had one fully padded practice so it is hard to really gauge things, but the word from camp is that he started out slow but has picked it up some as camp has gone on. For anybody wanting live analysis of camp though, I highly recommend following @mike_e_kaye.

Ronald from Tallahassee, FL

Q: Seems like Chris Smith has made a lot of strides. What are the chances he becomes the primary LEO with Dante Fowler out and Chris Clemons being inactive so far in camp?

A: I'd say fairly low. For better or worse, I'd say Clemons and Branch are locked in as the No. 1 and No. 2 LEOs right now. With that said, I do think Smith deserves more playing time, especially over Branch. I could see this happening as the season goes on.

Jacob from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Fair to say Telvin Smith is becoming a Lavonte David and will maybe surpass him?

A: No. Not fair to say. Telvin is great, but saying he will surpass the best 4-3 OLB in the NFL is... a stretch.